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A new registration in Betfair – what we have to do for a new registration?

We have decided to write this article for those of you who want to make a registration in Betfair. Although there is nothing complicated and difficult, here are the steps through which you must pass to become a client of Betfair.

To always see and get the current promotions that Betfair offers for new and/or existing users, you can open the home page of Betfair.

Step 1:

After you open the home page, you will see a window similar to that one:



It is possible to visually not look this way, because Betfair can offer a promotion for new users that is different from the current one. After you saw the current promotion, before you press the button “Play and Win“, it is desirable to know the conditions of the promotion before proceeding.

Step 2:


You must fill your personal information in the registration window in Betfair. All the fields shown in the picture are mandatory and must be completed. Betfair does not allow the use of Cyrillic characters. Everything must be filled with characters from the Latin alphabet. You must select a username – if your desired username is already taken, the system of Betfair will offer you free versions or you will have to enter another option.In the password field you will have to write your password that should consist of at least 8 characters. Among these characters there should be at least one letter and one number. In case you have forgotten your password, for your protection the system will ask for the answer of your secret question. You should implement the response in this field.You have a choice with what to bet in your account in Betfair. Since the currency of Bulgaria – lev is no choice, you have to make your choice between other currencies. It is perhaps the best to choose the euro.

By clicking the button “continuation protected” you confirm your personal information, along with that you are at least 18 years old and that you agree with the Terms and Conditions, Cookies policy and the Policy of protection of the personal data on Betfair.

Important: The promo code / code for referred customer, if you’ve used the link from above or our banner will be filled automatically with the current promotion of betfair.

After this step you will receive a notification letter in your email address that you have specified. There will also be a confirmation link. With this your registration betfair is completed and you can now log in to the platform.

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Coming soon: How to make a deposit in Betfair?

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