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Betfair – now a traditional bookmaker

The beginning or how everything started?

As you may already know, Betfair is the biggest betting exchange in the world.  Primary, the bets at Betfair exchange were “ON” (Lay) and “Against” (Back). Actually Betfair had the role of a mediator and collected a commission for its mediation. The percentage of the commission is 5% and it may fall if you are a loyal customer and you reach a certain turnover. We have already commented all this in our article – Betfair – more than a bookmaker.

The change…

However, although it is the largest market in the world, many people couldn’t or didn’t want to understand this not at all bad system, which logically affects the number of players who use their system. Why is this so? Maybe it all starts and ends with the players, but why? The explanation of this phenomenon is more than trivial. Many of the “old” players first began to make their bets in the so-called betting shops, where you take the program, check the coefficients and fill a card. Everything is very simple, you just fill the card, know on what you bet at a fixed coefficient and you know what you’ll get if everything goes according to your plans. No participation, different coefficients and commissions – all this is calculated from the traditional bookmaker. This tendency is not only in Bulgaria, because when Betfair became “classic” bookmaker, their incomes increased with over 27% compared to the same period of the previous year. Betfair is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authorities, Malta.

Bonuses and special promotions

It is no secret that the majority of the consumers are looking for a new bookmaker to register because of the bonuses. This consumer attitude is used by a significant part of the bookmakers, including Betfair. In the so-called marketing techniques, Betfair offer some of the best and most aggressive bonus promotions for new customers. When you make a new registration in Betfair, you get a free bet of £50 or an incredible coefficient such as coefficient 4 for a win of Manchester United vs Manchester City, Cash back offers on a particular event (0-0 result, for football matches), bonus for multiple bet (the well known right column), and the not so popular for us American sports.


Types of bets

For the fans of the sports, especially football, there is a huge variety of betting opportunities. In our opinion, at this stage the market is richer by betting opportunities and it cannot be otherwise because the bets are formed by the player, but for most of the popular sports like football, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, motor sports, etc. you will get a wide range of coefficients to make your prediction. The wider choice of projections is different television programs, political events and so on, which are yet not popular enough for the Bulgarian market. Another important thing for the lovers of the sports betting is the ability to bet live. For the fans of this kind of bets is important that the platform is intuitive enough and the navigation is easy. That is something, for which the developers of the Betfair live stream have already thought about.


As you may already know, some of the popular and not so popular bookmakers, casinos, etc. are limited in Bulgaria because of the decisions of The Gambling Commission. Here Betfair has an advantage – it has a license issued by The Gambling Commission, which means that you can play perfectly legal and what is more important – your winnings will be legally paid. After all of this, if you have decided to choose Betfair for your bookmaker, you can use our help information on how to make a new registration on Betfair.

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