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We decided to write this article for those of you who want to make your own page where to publish your predictions for football matches or other sports.

So how to make a site for predictions? The answer is it is just like any other page. What do we mean?

First we will start with the most popular and easily available solutions. Perhaps the easiest way to make your own page is to create a new blog on the platform of google – Our page also starts from there and the blog can still be seen at the address:

What are the advantages of the platform of the most popular search engine?

– Firstly, it doesn’t require any money, it is for free.
– Work with it is more than easy, the working panel does not differ so much from any other mail.
-There is much information for beginners including in Bulgarian- documents and video clips.
– No special knowledge is needed.
– There are thousands, I can even say millions ready solutions (templates) for the interface of a page, most of which are free of charge.
– There is no need of any expenses for buying hosting and so on.
– If you find a free domain to buy you can transfer the blog on it.

Now to say a few words about the disadvantages?

– You know quite well that whatever you make still this is a blog. In all cases it is made to be universal for everyone.
– Although it has a lot of widget or as it is known in Bulgarian притурки(appendix),  it is possible not to find exactly the one you are searching for.
– As it is an extremely popular platform most probably the name you want will be used already (
– It is a little more difficult to integrate outside applications and scripts (mainly PHP), but at least you don’t have your own hosting for this.
– These are the main disadvantages in our opinion

The other most available and popular solution is similar to that of blogger –  Generally once again it is a question of creating a blog, which is extremely simplified. As a main plus we can say that this platform has developed extremely fast in the recent years.

Of course if you use a free solution you will encounter certain restrictions, as a main disadvantage is that you can’t add outside applications. Why are these applications essential? As a whole the platform is not that important, what matters are the applications to it that make it function effectively. But if you decide to use your own hosting +domain the problem is solved and practically you have infinite field of development.

Certainly this does not put an end to the opportunities for making your own site for football and sports predictions. We simply discussed the two most popular. In conclusion, if you wonder which of the two offers to choose, we consider that whatever you select you will not make a mistake.

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