What is the Asian Handicap actually like?

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the Asian Handicap Hello,

I have decided to write this article mainly for those who feel intimidated by the Asian Handicap and/or they think that it is too complicated for them. The truth is that the Asian Handicap gives more opportunities for making better profit and minimizing the losses. If you bet professionally then you should know well all type of forms for betting.
What is the Asian Handicap actually like?
In each sport meeting there is a team that is supposed to be in an unfavorable position comparing to the other team. For the bookmaker this could be team “А”, and for you this could be another team. In this case it is more important which is the bookmaker` s favorite team and which is the outsider, because according to this, he is determining the coefficients.
The Asian Handicap denotes the favorite team with “-“, and the outsider is with “+”

For example: Barcelona and Manchester United are playing

You want to bet on Barcelona, but you are a bit reserved about the way that the game is going to develop and that that may be the final result will be draw. Your Asian bet should look like this – Barcelona 0, or if you want to bet on Manchester United and draw result is excluded as a variant, Your bet should look like this – Manchester United 0.

This example is when the teams are with relatively equal chances.
The biggest the difference in the class and the potential between the favorite team and the outsider is, the greater number of goals are given as a head start of the outsider.

As incredible as it may sound this is generally the Asian Handicap. The other options you may see in the table below or here.


And always keep the main rule:
“Never bet this what you can’t lose!”

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